Kitchen Water Damage

Few things damage your home as quickly as Kitchen Water Damage. Whether you have floor damage in Dallas, Cabinet Water Damage in Ft Worth, or other water damage, Restore-Aid Restoration can help!

Restore-aid came over right away after we experienced water damage- the entire area was dried up quickly and we are very happy with their work – we highly recommend Sean and his team.

~ Bill J., Satisfied Homeowner

When Kitchen Appliances Turn on You, Turn to the Kitchen Water Damage Experts from Restore-Aid

Kitchen Appliances have made our lives so much easier in so many ways. But when a kitchen appliance springs a leak, or leaks pools of condensation, or encounters a pipe burst, or develops a drainage failure, then our lives can go from comfort to panic in a matter of seconds. Some leaks are easy to spot. A burst pipe, an overflowing dishwasher, or a failed drainage hose that spews water out in the open is pretty obvious. But a slowly leaking refrigerator can conceal a variable pool of water that may be causing mold, as well as floor damage, subfloor damage, and more. If you have Kitchen Water Damage in the Metro Dallas – Ft Worth area, don’t delay! Call Restore-Aid Restoration today!


Leaky Refrigerators Make You Lose Your Cool, and Overflowing Dishwashers Leave You Feeling Washed Out

Every time you or a loved one opens your refrigerator door, a stream of warm air passes over your fridge’s condenser coil, causing more and more condensation. If the drain lines that came with your refrigerator are clogged, or if you have a problem with the water supply line that connects to the ice maker in your freezer, you could have a slowly growing monster in the area behind your fridge. Similarly, your dishwasher could have some very obvious overflowing problems, especially if it causes water to spew out into your kitchen floor. But your dishwasher could also have loose fittings, back drainage problems, or other hidden issues that could cause long-term damage to your kitchen structure. All it takes is 24 hours for mold to begin forming, so hidden appliance leaks can also have major mold repercussions. If you have any kitchen water damage or mold damage, call us!


If You Have Kitchen Water Damage from Appliance Leaks, Burst Pipes, or Any Other Reasons, Call Restore-Aid

Any way that it happens, Kitchen Water Damage can cause untold destruction to your home, regardless of how long or how severely your kitchen appliances have been leaking. If you have Kitchen Water Damage from an emergency situation like burst pipes or malfunctioning appliances, or if you have discovered some long-term water damage in your kitchen, it may not be too late to restore the structural integrity of your home! If you have Kitchen Water Damage in the Metro DFW area, call the professional Water Damage Repair experts from Restore-Aid Restoration! We can help restore the structural integrity of your kitchen floors, your water-damaged cabinets, or anything else that your Kitchen Appliance Leaks have damaged. For help with Kitchen Water Damage, Call Restore-Aid Restoration today! We can help!