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Water Damage From Air Conditioners

Did you know you could have Water Damage from Air Conditioners? Restore-Aid did! In fact, it is a common problem many North Texans face. Give Restore-Aid a call for water damage help today!

Water Damage from Your Air Conditioner is the Last Thing You’d Expect. Call Restore-Aid for help!

As a homeowner, you want to rely on a sturdy air conditioner unit that will stand up to the great heat of North Texas. But if you aren’t maintaining your unit regularly, you can find your home sitting in Water Damage from your Air Conditioner. It is consistently recommended that a homeowner should conduct routine maintenance on their air conditioner system. However, Restore-Aid understands that life can get in the way and sometimes you just forget. No matter the reason for the issue, Restore-Aid works to dry out all Water Damage from Air Conditioners. Using industry-grade dryers and dehumidifiers, Restore-Aid will get your home back to top notch shape. If you see any leakage from your HVAC system, call Restore-Aid right away. We fix your Water Damage from Air Conditioners, hopefully helping you avoid major home repair costs. If you have leaks you can’t explain, or you know you have HVAC leaks, call us today!

Water Damage from Air Conditioners Can Cause Major Problems Before You Notice Them

Often, your HVAC system is neatly tucked away somewhere around your home. Finding Water Damage from your Air Conditioner could possibly take weeks or months to notice. By the time you do notice water damage, it is usually too late. The damage has been done. Though normal HVAC systems shouldn’t leak water into your home, it isn’t uncommon to get the occasional water damage from an unmonitored, over-condensating, or poorly draining HVAC system.

Restore-Aid will inspect your HVAC water damage and devise a plan on the best way to clean up the Water Damage from your Air Conditioner. Restore-Aid’s team of professionals specialize in using top notch drying equipment to suck all the moisture and water out of the area. By utilizing ultra-sophisticated drying processes, we can often restore the area back to its pre-existing conditions. Restore-Aid is on your side and will answer your call no matter what time of day or night. Call us today for your Air Conditioning Water Damage needs!

Keep Your Home Dry from Water Damage from your Air Conditioner. Call Restore-Aid Today!

Any type of water damage is inconvenient for all Metroplex residents. Water Damage from Air Conditioners can be an even bigger inconvenience for unexpecting residents. Water damage can be a costly problem most homeowners don’t want to face. Luckily, you may have an easier time getting insurance coverage from an AC leak than any other type of water damage. Common causes of Water Damage from Air Conditioners include: clogged drains, dirty condensation pumps, clogged air filters, dirty evaporator coils, and low refrigerant. You can prevent and a whole lot of water damage by taking proper preventative measures. If Water Damage from your Air Conditioner occurs, save yourself some time, money, and anguish. Call Restore-Aid Restoration to get your water damage situation rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.